Model : YPL -01

 Technical Data of Machine

Max. Main Drive Motor Capacity 2 x 55 KW
Cutting Speed while Profiling 25 to 80 m/min
Tool Post Feed for Wheel Profiling 0.1 to 4 mm/rev
Tool Post Rapid Speed for Both Axes 4000 mm/min
Max. Chip Cross Section while Profiling 32 – 50 mm2
Cycle Time / wheelset 8 – 12 mins


Wheel Set Data for Machining

Max. Tread Diameter 1250mm*
Min. Tread Diameter 540mm*
Wheel Width 75 to 145mm
Max. Axle Length 2750mm*
Min. Axle Length 1850mm*
Max. Weight of Wheelset 50 KN
Max./Min. Dia. for Brake Disc Machining 700/250mm

*Depends on track gauge


Accuracies of Wheel Set

Wheel Profiling
Max. Difference in Dia. of Both Wheels <0.15mm
Accuracy of Wheel Profile when Compared with Standard Gauge <0.2mm
Radial Run Out of Wheel <0.1mm
Axial  Run Out of Wheel <0.2mm
Profile Surface Finish <12.5µm Ra
Brake Disc Machining (Optional)
Min. Surface Finish <2.5µm Ra
Flatness of Surface <0.1/100mm
Lateral Wobble <0.2mm

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Pl. note that improvements is a continuous process. Hence, details explained above may undergo some changes meeting functional, quality and productivity requirements of the required technical specification.