Model : KRE 15 RCRV   

Technical description of Battery-electric driven Rail cum road vehicle

Type     Rail cum road vehicle
Service weight 5 t +/- 10%
Max wheel load Approx. 1.25T
Gauge 1676 mm / 1435 mm
Max. Speed V1 loaded 0 – 2 km/hr 
V2 solo 0 – 4 km/hr
Max. tract. effort 15 kN at wheel rim at adhesion µ =0.5 in dry (0.3 in wet)
Towing capacity 135T locomotive / other rolling stock at gradient from 0-2.5 per 1000.

Wheelbase 1880 mm
Width    2300 (2420) mm / 2060 (2180) mm
Height   max 1420 (1560mm including antenna) mm for visibility
Total length (without couplers) 3080 mm
For Up railing approx. 3.5m x 3.5m
Guiding wheels  4 Nos. Steel flanged wheel, profile according to IR. CSL – 3040 or UIC 510, dia. 330mm
Traction / steering wheels 4 Nos. Vulkolan / Polyurethane dia. 304 x 140 mm
Steering 4-wheel:
-crab side way, 
-360 degrees rotating on own axle
Battery capacity            80V, 460Ah waterless, with electrolyte mixing for less maintenance
Battery charger  Charging time max 10 hours, 415V, 3 Phase + earth, fused at 16A
E-system 24 V PLC Iqan
Safety Integrity Level SIL 3

OPTIONAL : Coupler as per requirement

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