We offer re-conditioning and rehabilitation of old machines & worn out machines.

Prior to the re-conditioning, we survey to check the current status of the machine and then mutually decide the scope of work for the re-conditioning.

Re-conditioning of the machine also includes warranty and AMC after the completion of warranty.

Scope of Reconditioning undertaken by us :

  • Complete dismantling, repair and replacement of all components, sub-assemblies and accessories as per scope of work.
  • Complete assembly of the machine after reworking, repair and replacement.
  • All the works considered essential for efficient and trouble free operation to achieve the specified productivity and accuracy after reconditioning.
  • Supply of perishable and non-perishable spares covering complete range of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical required for normal maintenance.
  • To and fro transportation of the machine to our works and from and to the consignee’s premises for repair purposes.
  • Arranging inspection after completing reconditioning work.
  • Repair and modification in the existing foundation or design & construction of new foundation, if required as per consignee’s requirement.

Benefits of Reconditioning:

  • Increase of machine lifetime by at least 10 years.
  • Saving of immediate capital investment of Railways required for buying new machine.
  • Introduction of new technology at lesser cost.
  • Increased productivity & accuracies at lesser cost.
  • Minimum production loss because of higher productivity.

USP of HYT in undertaking reconditioning works

  • Modern state of art, spacious Infrastructure facility to do all the manufacturing & reconditioning work.
  • Highly experienced and qualified engineers and skilled works to do all sorts of complicated works.
  • Highly qualified Electronics and software engineers to implement/ upgrade new technology / software required by client.
  • Source of all Spare parts required for new and old machines. Most economical solution, as compare with any other European wheel lathe manufacturers.